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Vegan Hair Product of the Month

(September 2023)

Native Essence Unscented Shampoo & Conditioner Bar Set

  • Moisturizes, strengthens, rejuvenates, increases shine, repairs and gently cleanses hair and scalp
  • Contains amino acids, inositol, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E
  • All natural earthy, rice-bran, barley and tea leaves scent
  • 5% of profits donated back to the Red Yao Tribe
  • Vegan, cruelty-free
  • 2.53 oz / 72 g
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Encouraging a Vegan Consumption

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It’s no accident that the world is the way it is. We, as a society, have somehow come to terms with the fact that our beloved cosmetics are tested on innocent beings. But it’s time to say “NO” to animal exploitation. It all begins with a tiny spark: changing the way we consume.

Welcome to our vegan hair news channel! We’re all about championing the top-notch vegan and cruelty-free hair products out there, and inspiring both shoppers and business owners to make the switch to kinder alternatives. Dive into the world of veganism and find out who we are! 🌱✨

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